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We specialise in server infrastructure deployment, management and DevOps
• Our Division CBInfra has provided and served various cost effective and cloud based solutions.
• It was started in December 2018 with key focus on providing solutions using Cloud Computing and devops.
• We use DevSecOps tools and methodologies to tackle ack of security & logging and high cost as well as improve architecture and performance optimisation.
• Troubleshooting,Fallover & Performance optimisation.
• Our client base includes Delhivery, 1MG, Dental Kart and several others.

Why cB Infra?

In the changing economy in recent times, there is a necessity to improvise the business requirements according to the changing needs of the market, customers and technologies. This in turn causes a change in the business environment and has to be tackled in an appropriate way minimizing the costs
while enhancing the benefits. To increase the overall efficiency of the Organization’s operating components, the infrastructure management in the areas like cloud, security, IT, networks, server, application,data and people is given prime importance. In order to ensure good service and tremendous quality,a secure, reliable infrastructure is essential to reduce the cost of the company, maintaining the standards,and ensure the information flow is processed in undisruptive way and managing existing and new staff. Infrastructure of data center provides an insight into the assets of IT company and realigns the physical infrastructure to improve efficiency of the company to the business needs. Cloud infrastructure is solely based on virtualization tools to deploy sources from IT, investments are utilized in a flexible and efficient manner and which further increases the security in the organization. Network infrastructure provides an insight into the resources and provides a connectivity between hardware, software, and bridges a communication gap inside both internal and external networks. This bridging further helps to increase communication, which in turn patches the operations of an organization. Application Infrastructure helps in the assessment of organization’s applications, mapping them to various underlying applications like databases, designing applications infrastructure, migrating the application to a different destination from the source, monitoring and management of vendors.
DevOps Tools: Teraforms, Ansible, Chef, Jenkins, VirtualBox, Vagrant, Packer, Python, Bash
AWS: EC2, ECS, RDS, S3, ElastiCache, IAM, SQS, VPC, Glacier, CloudFront, Spot, Lambda.
Cluster Management: ES, Spark, Kafka, Redis, Hadoop, Zookeeper, Storm, Solr etc.
Monitoring: PGbadger, PGCluu, Nagios, Zabbix, Prometheus, Graphana, CloudWatch
Others: Nginx, uWSGI, Gunnicorn, Celery, Flower, RabitMQ, Apache, PostgreSQL.

Case Studies

We have redesigned,automated,streamlined the entire infrastructure,processes and CI/CD pipelines which has resulted in faster delivery with optimized cost with better security.